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Welcome to the very first show of a mini series entitled Minxmas. Over the next twelve days we will be sharing a Minxmas episode everyday, which has been produced for us by a wide range of theme park podcasters; including shows that discuss three of the Disney parks, a Disney Cruise Line at Christmas review, Universal and general theme park podcasts. We have shows by boys and girls, Brits and Americans, audio adventures and spoken word; whatever your style, there is a show for you!

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Tomorrow we hop over to sunny California for Disgeek Podcast for their Minxmas.


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A second podcast from the Minnie Minxes era where I was joined by Jayne Phipps to review the Dine with and Imagineer experience help at Walt Disney World and then an emptying of the Minxey mailbag.

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Watch out for the 9th December 2013 as Minxmas will begin! A daily Disney delight of ten minutes of Christmas loveliness from an array of worldwide Disney podcasters. 

Till then, the show must go on!


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MMDP Beta 1

Before I was a Dream Girl, I was proud to be a Minnie Minx. However, as Kim decided to step back from the show, we decided to stop producing the Minnie Minxes and it would be no more.

However, I wanted the opportunity to share the last two Minnie Minx episodes with you, so to paraphrase Dame Judy Dench, like a phoenix from the ashes of the Minnie Minxes, a new show, Disney Dream Girls, has been born.

Episode 47 of the Minnie Minxes, saw Jayne Phipps and myself dine at Beaches and Cream; where Jayne's family partook in the Kitchen Sink Challenge. Then Jayne is challenged to book a weekend trip to WDW - with no budget!

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Thank you

Michelle Young

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