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Disney Dream Girls 059 - Delectable and Delicious Disney Snacks plus Money Saving Tips

Welcome to the latest podcast the Disney Dream Girls, and thank you for downloading this edition.

In this show, number 59, we share two emails we have received from listeners and we offer our best responses. For full show notes, visit our website Disney Dream Girls.

Our next podcast, episode 60, is a special 60th anniversary show with a difference. You will first need to listen to episode 485 1/2 of Window To the Magic (click to visit iTunes store), which will be released on 24th August 2015. Then, on 30th August 2015, we will release episode 060, which is the second part of the show. It is a special Disneyland in-park adventure with a competition at the end. 

We hope you enjoy the show, if you have, why not leave us an iTunes review by clicking this link leave Disney Dream Girls an iTunes review. This would be very much appreciated. 


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