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Inbetween our regular Disney Dream Girls feature based shows, we will release a news based show where we will discuss a selection of news items that have caught our eye.

On this show, Emma Godbold joins Michelle to talk about the announcement of a Run Disney event at the Disneyland Paris park. Also, they squeeze in a chat about both the closing of Pirates of the Carribean at Walt Disney World this summer and the partially re-opened hub area in the Magic Kingdom.

Our next show will be released 8th March 2015.

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On this show Michelle is joined by two of the hosts of the Mighty Men of Mouse podcast, Dutch Lombrowski and Russ Shuttleworth, to chat and give their take on two different Disney features. So whether you are a Disneyland or Walt Disney World fan, this podcast has definately got something in store for you!

Feature 1 - Four Parks One Day

Whilst Disneylanders will chortle at the whole idea of transportation between parks and the difficulties of visiting all the parks in one day, it indeed is a challenge for those visiting Walt Disney World. Listener, and part of the DisAfterDark team, Craig Lucas, approached us, along with a whole host of Disney podcasts, for advice and guidance on how to tackle this. Please note, this wasn't a theoretical challenge, Craig and friend Stuart Miller will be attempting this in October 2015 when they travel from the UK to Orlando... for the weekend!

Russ and Dutch tackle this admirably, giving a really good answer, which I believe will enable the duo not only to achieve this, but to have a fabulous experience along the way.

Feature 2 - Disney Crimes and Punishments

Surely there is something that other guests do that seeks to annoy you or takes away your enjoyment of the park, even if only a little? Well Dutch and Russ give a tongue in cheek response to these kinds of misdemeanors with their own brand of Mighty Men punishments. 


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If you have been to Walt Disney World as well as Disneyland, you will have been asked questions like this... What's the difference? or Which park is best?

On today's show, we investigate that - can you really give a clear answer? Whilst this topic is huge, we look at several places to eat, an attraction and show. To help us with us, we have Sam Turner and his wife Ashley Kennedy Turner of WDW Happy Place Podcast. 

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We are back with our next show, on February 22nd 2015.

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