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Disney Dream Girls 038 - Window To The News

On this fairly quiet news week, Michelle and guest Paul still find lots to talk about! Coming up in today's show:


  • In WDW, Tink's former Pixie Hollow could be re-imagined to the Skippers Cantina
  • A price hike at the Magic Kingdom's Dessert party
  • Disneyland prepares for the 60th - how does the park look?
  • Easter in the parks
  • Diamond package merchandise event
  • Smokejumpers Grill is open and what did Paul think of it?

If you want a full set of show notes, together with photos, please visit our website.


Our next show will be available on Sunday 5th April 2015 and we will be looking at snacks in WDW and DLR, then discuss Disney Cruise Line coming to UK shores!

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Disney Dream Girls 037 - Pineapple Dog-tastic Tour of EPCOT

If you have ever been to the Flower and Garden Festival, at EPCOT, you will know immediately what I'm talking about. It is arguably the most beautiful time to visit as there is a plethora of stunning floral displays that come in all sizes. However, since food has been added (in a very much Food and Wine style) there has been temptations not just visually but also for the tastebuds. 

If like us, you are stuck miles and miles away and have no prospect of visiting, never mind... we can help! Show 37 takes you on a tour, country by country to 'virtually' taste the best there is to offer. 

If you want a full description of the foods available, click here to visit our website for this and photo's too! 

We will be back with our news show, show 38, on 29th March 2015. In the meantime, if you enjoyed our show, leave us a review - click here to review us and remember to tweet when you listen. Messages can be sent via our Facebook page or to info@disneydreamgirls.com


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Disney Dream Girls 036 - News Show

On this our second news show, Michelle is joined by Mr James H. Carter III from the Creepy Kingdom Podcast, to discuss some items they have found in the world of Disney news.

This shows topics are:

                Smoke Jumpers Grill opening soon in Disneyland, California

                Aloha Aisle and Sunshine Tree Terrace have swopped locations in WDW (but don't worry the orange bird will be flapping it's wings to the location soon)

                Turkey leg no more in Frontierland and Liberty Square in WDW

                Innoventions to close at the end of March 2015, what's coming?

                24 hour day to come to WDW and DLR

                Tim Burton to direct a live action Dumbo movie?

                Jolly Holiday Bakery, Disneyland, reveals its spring menu

                Coolest Summer in WDW

Fore more foodie fun, please ensure you listen to show 37 (released 22nd March 2015) as it is packed with DLR v WDW food and also we take a tour around the Flower and Garden Festival over at EPCOT. Plus back on show 36, we talk about Disneyland Paris, and review Jaynes recent trip. 

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Disney Dream Girls 035 - Disneyland Paris Trip

On this show Michelle and Jayne talk about Disneyland Paris and review the attractions, hotels and eateries. Whilst at times it is difficult not to compare to the American parks, we have tried not to as, when you will hear, they are very different types of Disney parks.

As usual, please tweet us whilst you listen @disdreamgirls and why not search for us on Facebook under 'Disney Dreamgirls' and give our page a like.

We will be back with our new weekly news show in a week from now.

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